‘Anonymous Women’ a series by photographer Patty Carroll

‘Anonymous Women’ a series by photographer Patty Carroll

Since the 1970s photographer, Patty Carroll has made her name known with her highly color-saturated photos. Today we take a look at her newest series of works titled ‘Anonymous Women.’ The series has been going on since 2017 but just last year she released a new photobook within the series titled ‘Anonymous Women: Demise.’ 

This series is a 3 part series with its goal being to address women’s role in society from the point of view of domesticity and how this life can consume them and in this latest part, we see how it can lead to one’s demise. Inspired by the game of clue in which a murder occurs in each room of the house and players work together to find the murder, this series takes place in various rooms of the home representing various domestic tasks.

Each scene is full of detailed decorations and matching colors which work to hide the Anonymous Women, focusing you to make a closer examination. For the viewer, these works play like a game dark and fun game of hide-and-seek. In one image titled ‘Cooking,’ we see the Woman stuck inside her own oven with her legs and arms sticking out with the entire kitchen being in complete disarray. 

Source: https://pattycarroll.com/

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