‘Perspective’ a photo series by Suzanne Saroff of distorted images

‘Perspective’ Images a photo series by Suzanne Saroff

Perspective. How do you perceive the things you see, touch, taste, and smell? Photographs are one way we can test our perceptions of common everyday objects. One person who knows the power of photography is Suzanne Saroff. 

Suzanne Saroff was born in Missoula Montana. She now lives and works in New York. Suzanne has produced many collections of photos but one collection, in particular, is challenging our interpretations. In her ongoing series titled “perspective,” she uses water in cylindrical vessels to distort the images of the very thing that fuels us, food, and other naturally occurring entities like flowers. 

Her photographs are a study in light and the way we view the objects around us. She explains how she displays the moldability of our perceptions in the following quotes. “with tools and techniques such as refraction, directional light, and bold colors, my photographs give everyday items alternate visual avenues of expressions. taking shape via shadows or fragmentation, my subjects often become more than the singular and expected version of themselves.” 

By breaking these common items into multiple fragments we can observe them as not just one whole but as the pieces of which they are made of.

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