Emotional and architecture-inspired works, a look at Tishk Barzanji

Tishk Barzanji’s often dark and emotional architecture-inspired works feel like stepping into a new dimension.

Originally from Kurdistan, Tishk moved to London in 1997. While he did study physics his true passion was in his art which he now does fulltime. His most recent works tend to focus on the interior rather than the exteriors of buildings like in his previous works. With his old works, he used a much brighter color pallet consisting of yellows and pinks, often showcasing the outside walls of buildings and various staircases going each and every way. Much like his older works his new works feature a dark shadowy figure in each one, always the characters are completely black with the exception sometimes being colorful hair or cloths. 

Moving from the exterior to the interior in his works allowed for a more intimate moment between the characters. The close shots of the characters radiate a feeling of an argument or the uncomfortable silence that follows one. Moments of deep thinking and reflection on the scenes not shown to the viewer. These works suck you into another dimension that feels so real. Tishk has always shown great care and purpose when it comes to the design of the rooms and architecture within the world he has created. The world feels like the past and future all at the same time. Let’s not forget this dark red sunset that appears to bleed in through the windows in each image and how well it ties the entire mood of the work together.

What I find so interesting about his works is it’s hard to figure out how its made. Is it a 3D render, is it a painting, and if so how does he do it so well. Well, its a mix between the two, and it’s done like this on purpose. He started with a watercolor or acrylic base, then scans the image onto his computer to add in more colors digitally. With its unique form of creation and the close attention to details in the design of each room, the perfect use of colors, Tishk works feel like nothing I have ever seen before.

Artist Instagram/all image rights belong to the artist:  https://www.instagram.com/tishkbarzanji/

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