Umé Studio designs a modular sofa named the “Zabuton Sofa”

Umé Studio designs a modular sofa

Zabuton is a traditional Japanese cushion that was popularized in the 17th century, the cushion is often placed on the floor but sometimes on top of a chair. The Zabuton were designed originally for the nobility of Japan but were later adopted by most households. Umé Studio has taken inspiration from this culturally important piece of living and brought it into a modern piece of furniture appropriately called the “Zabuton Sofa.”

The sofas base is made of wooden plinth and partitions that are handcrafted with cavities meant for moving and locking in the arms and backrest. These movable parts turn a simple sofa into an intriguing modular experience of seating. For whatever mood you are in, from sitting up working to laying down while you read a book, you are free to configure the sofa in whatever forum fits your needs. 

The design team behind this innovative, modern, and minimalists dream sofa is Umé Studio. Founded by designer/architects Victor Lefebvre and Mei-Lan Tan who shared a designed ethos that focuses on craft and technique that leads to design rather than the other way away. Their shared need to honor traditional while also innovating is what has allowed them to create such magnificent works as the Zebuton Sofa.

Source: Umé Studios website.

Photographs by William Boice via Umé Studio Website.

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