‘Lives of Grass’ by Mathilde Roussel

‘Lives of Grass’ by Mathilde Roussel

While these works are many years old at this point that doesn’t make them irrelevant. Mathilde Roussel’s works titled ‘Lives of grass’ showcase the direct connection we humans have with the earth we live on. Often using materials that allow the works to have a mind of its own, Mathilde lets the work grow and find its own conclusion. 

In ‘Lives of grass,’ we see human bodies laying down, and floating fixed mid-air with these bodies growing grass right out of themselves. These sculpture and the series as a whole was born from this idea that we are what we eat and represents how the food and plants we consume pass through us and fuel us. 

While taking a turn into a more fictional side of things Roussel says these works also represent a type of science fiction evolution. The idea is that someday we will be able to become one with the plants around us and use a similar process of photosynthesis. At that point, we would no longer need to consume food as we would live on the sunlight we absorb. Turning humans into nothing more than a peaceful mediator within the new ecosystem. 


Source: http://www.raffard-roussel.com/fr/projets-lives-of-grass-v3/index

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All Images © Mathilde Roussel via her website.