Layer & Raeburn’s collection of chairs the “Canopy Collection” upcycles parachute materials

Layer & Raeburn’s collection of chairs the “Canopy Collection” upcycles parachute materials

Benjamin Hubert founder of design studio Layer along with fashion brand Raeburn released last year a collection of beautifully done steel rocking chairs made with recycled parachutes. This series of furniture is titled the “Canopy Collection” and consists of four rocking chairs and two dividing screens.

The goal of this collection was to find a new way to repurpose existing undervalued materials. Raeburn has previously used this material in some of its previous clothing so the move to use parachutes with chairs felt like the natural choice. Each chair starts as a simple and minimalist design of a steel frame gave them plenty of options when it came to the fabric and allowing it to command the entire pieces look. The material is then wrapped and hung over the steel to create the padding of the chair. With most of the fabric staying intact as is with as little cuts as possible. 

Using different sections of the parachutes fabric resulted in a set of chairs each with something unique. Two chairs, one black, one white appear to be made out of the container that holds the canopy. While another chair and the screens are made out of the color orange, white, and green canopy that’s released from the shoot. This collection and set of furniture is an example of how used items can be turned into something new that not only is non-wasteful in its use of materials but its design is beautiful as well.

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The layer designs website can be viewed here. Raeburn website can be viewed here.

Images via Layers website.

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