Nostalgia for the Present, a look at Brooke Shanesy

Midwest Based Traveling Photographer Brooke Shanesy is a fashion, interior, and commercial photographer.  She has worked with companies such as Urban Outfitters, Amazon, and Working Girls to name a few.

Her fashion photographs are professional and polished yet always have a touch of nostalgia to them. The photos don’t show too little or too much attention to the products in them. They feel like a work of art with advertising mixed in rather the other way around. Which is a nice change of pace for fashion photography. As most clothing and product ads seem to focus more on the product than the entire image and it ends up feeling fake and plastic while Brooke’s work is real and genuine.

She also runs a Tumblr blog fully made of images called Nostalgia for the Present where she has been sharing non-commerial everyday photography since 2011.

Word By Jacob Johnson | Art By Brooke Shanesy 

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