“Flower Flash” bringing color to New York City by Lewis Miller Designs

“Flower Flash” flower installations bringing color to New York City 

The pandemic has forwarded a need for unique and creatively executed entertainment and Lewis Miller, a New York-based florist and founder of lewis miller designs is doing just that by bringing to life an otherwise dark and dingy city street. With his newest venture titled, “flower flash”  Miller combines the urban landscapes and charming floral arrangements in order to fulfill a “constant pursuit of beauty”. By using various objects around the city such as phone booths, trash bins, traffic signs, and monuments as a sort of symbolic vase we can see the true adaptability of Millers’ talent. 

Storytelling through floral arrangements is the goal. Whether a story of love and happiness with his many wedding exhibitions or the story of his deeply tenebrous nightlife extravaganzas. We can observe not only his wonderfully divine arrangements but his intricate mind as well. Whether it’s for a client-based event or for simple pleasure as we see in “flower flash” we can tell that with his continuous works Miller truly never fails to captivate our imaginations with his winsome botanical presentations. 


Sources: https://lewismillerdesign.com/

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