‘Hanging by a string’ a reflection on modern life with Vicki Ling

‘Hanging by a string’ a reflection on modern life with Vicki Ling

Often in life things can change within a split-second decision, sometimes these decisions we make ourselves, other times things that happen are out of our control. With the whole world uncertain when or if coronavirus will become a thing of the past, it feels as if things are out of our control as we are made to stay home afraid to go out into the world and spread this virus. Chicago based artist and illustrator Vicki Ling has turned this feeling into a visual representation in her series titled “Hanging by a string.”

In this series of drawings, Ling showcases food and other fragile objects balancing in perfect harmony by only a string. Drawn in such a realistic style it’s hard to not imagine the works coming to life, collapsing, and destroying the perfect harmony. In one drawing we see two hands with each one holding an end of a string balancing crackers and fruits that could fall at any moment. The works allow us to have some sense of clarity in examing our own lives and appreciating each day as it is. 

Source: https://www.vickiling.com/work/hanging-by-a-string

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Artworks © Vicki Ling