Images © Alma Berrow

Beauty in the mundane with ceramic cigarettes by Alma Berrow

Finding beauty in the mundane, a look at artist Alma Berrow

Something I find inspiring is everyday life because when you slow down for a second to absorb your surroundings you often start to see the beauty that surrounds you. Maybe you have a house plant in the corner of your room and the sun is coming in at just the right time to shine down on it. Maybe you placed your coffee on the side table, and when you glance over you see the swirling of the milk forth and espresso. Oh, how about you look over and see a pile of cigarette butts laying on some empty oyster shells you just ate? No that’s not beautiful? Well, artist Alma Berrow sure knows how to make it beautiful. 

London-based artist Alma Berrow studied Art and Textiles at Falmouth University but didn’t begin to create her ceramic sculptures until the pandemic of 2020. While growing up the book “Tale of Two Bad Mice” inspired Alma’s imagination and creativity. “I dreamt of living in a doll’s house for a day and being surrounded by ceramic food and fake real objects, maybe that’s what I’m subconsciously trying to make a reality!” she told It’s That Nice.

Some of these ceramic works depict plates of food, crumpled-up money, and even a crossword puzzle. What we see most often though is works of ashtrays and ashtray substitutes covered in ceramic cigarette butts. Some of them are small and some of them are large and filled to the brim with ash. These works are a true example of taking the everyday object and finding the beauty within.

Images © Alma Berrow

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