Adjustable eco-friendly blinds by Natchar Sawatdichai

Adjustable eco-friendly blinds by Natchar Sawatdichai

Blinds. Something we don’t think about often but use every day. They are made of plastic and usually only come in one color, white. But what if I were to tell you that there is another option, a more sustainable and colorful option? Natchar Sawatdichai is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to blinds. 

A Thai-born, London-based artist with a master’s degree in product and furniture design from Kingston University. Looked at these blinds, a product we use every day, and thought to herself, what an overqualified product. “By overqualified I mean providing something that consumers didn’t ask for.” – Natchar Sawatdichai (Source )

There is obviously a market for blinds, we all use them. But we didn’t ask for clunky, poorly made, non- sustainable plastic. After uncovering this important yet equally unusual problem she sought after a solution. Thus creating a beautifully colored, sustainable, blind made out of recycled paper. She originally used newsprint paper and Hanji paper, a traditional Korean handmade paper, for the prototype. After working out all of the issues she was left with a fully unique functional blind. 

The paper blinds slide in and out of a bracket. The cord is placed in the middle. The blinds can be adjusted by cutting the sides. The blind can be disposed of and replaced 1-12 months. The blinds are part of a collection called “Through The Day.” They come in the colors, warm white, royal blue, sand yellow, and dusk pink. 

Natchar describes why companies are less likely to produce products made out of recycled paper. “I think the reason why the paper is often overlooked and not commonly used in home decoration is because of its low-value appearance and doubts of its durability.” But with one look at her blinds, we can all agree that she has squashed that perception of paper-based products. Who knows, her functional art may replace your old dusty blinds in the near future.

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