“Our World Leaders,” a series by artist Marcarson

“Our World Leaders,” a series by artist Marcarson

“The series of paintings on reproductions of works taken from The Metropolitan Museum of New York, World Leaders, points to the outdated, ineffective, and often damaging perspectives that these men bring to their roles and rhetoric. This work recasts images of powerful white figures into roles that are entirely inappropriate for them and simultaneously roles that people like them often continue to occupy. The addition of a Du Rag points to the ways in which these men co-opt the culture in an attempt to show that they understand and that they are “cool” enough for us to trust them to have our interests at heart. It also points to ways in which elements of black culture are censured until white mainstream America claims these cultural elements it’s own and rips them from their roots. This kind of cultural appropriation is evident in music, fashion, art, and food. World Leaders attempt to turn that conversation on its head.

This series was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s L.H.O.O.Q piece of the Mona Lisa. All pieces are re-imagined with oil paint on canvas and placed into antique frames. 2019 series.” – Statment By Marcarson

Artist Instagram: @notforthemnyc

Artist Website: notforthemnyc.com

Nomme de Guerre of visual artist Marcarson, began his career in 2008 under the influence of his admiration for fashion with his then brand Kaviar & Cigarettes, after bolting out of his conservative family home in East Los Angeles. He quickly found his true calling while exploring the subcultures of Los Angeles when the nomadic creative found himself drawn to fashion + visual arts in New York City. Today his mark can be found in both popular and unassuming locations around the world – the striking logo, “freeface”, is a signature emblem of the Avant Garde Comedic style of the artist. In 2016, Marcarson opened the NOT FOR THEM Art House in Long Island City located several blocks from MoMA PS1, which quickly gained recognition amongst artists and collectors.

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