‘Doublefaced’ a photography series By Sebastian Bieniek

‘Doublefaced’ a photography series By Sebastian Bieniek

Born in Poland and now based in Berlin Germany is the multidisciplinary artist Sebastian Bieniek. From paintings, photography, and various other forms of creation Bieniek has been captivating his viewers with his surreal attention-grabbing works of art. The series of works we will be focused on today is the 2014 series titled ‘Doublefaced.’ 

‘Doublefaced’ perfectly represents what makes Sebastian’s works so intriguing. In these photographs, we see different women with faces drawn onto their own faces using lipstick and eyeliner. Sometimes these faces use only one side of the face with one eye being drawn and the other times we see a face on both sides. The result of these drawings and the composition of these images is a confusing yet amazing viewing experience that makes you feel like you are on some forum of psychedelic. 


Sources: ignant.com

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Images  © Sebastian Bieniek