The immersive and mysterious world of artist Miran – Highlighted By Suburbs Gallery

The immersive and mysterious world of artist Miran

Our good friends Baku have recently started a new venture so we thought we would help them out in any way we could. They will be co-curating and managing an art space titled “Suburbs Gallery” which is located in Montreal, Canada. Their goal with the space is to bring digital artworks into a physical space for the viewer to enjoy. While leading up to their first exhibition and NFT drop they have started to use the space to highlight some of their favorite artists just to show support and love. One of the most recent artists they showcased was Miran. 

Miran, a 23-year-old artist hailing from Kurdistan, Iraq, is using digital art to transport viewers into a new realm. With a solid foundation in Photoshop, he began honing his skills in photo manipulation, graphic design, and concept art at the young age of fifteen. Dedicating most of his time to mastering his craft. Miran’s expertise expanded further when he embarked on an exploration into the program Blender 3D, a software for crafting lifelike 3D models and animations. 

Miran’s artworks stand as a captivating visual experience steeped in a narrative mystery that leaves the viewer begging for more. The artist has crafted an immersive digital realm that is vibrant with life while somehow cloaked in darkness and loneliness simultaneously. You can feel the heavy influences of cyberpunk and dystopian future aesthetics woven into the work. Engaging and cinematic, Miran’s artwork invites viewers to explore its richly detailed landscape. Each work evokes a sense of foreboding while offering glimpses of resilience and hope within the darkness.

Join Suburbs Gallery for their first exhibition “Origin” on September 7th. Visit their site here for more details.

Artist Instagram.

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