‘Magic Trump’ a satirical art series by Marie Serruya

‘Magic Trump’ a satirical art series by Marie Serruya

Serruya often works in the video medium, creating hilarious and often intense scenes of comedy, destruction, and more. While her sculptures often feature faces of famous artists and well-known figures. Exploring our reality through her own comedic lens. In her first limited art piece multidisciplinary artist, Marie Serruya inspired by the magic troll dolls of the ’80s adds colorful toupees to her original sculpts of Donald J Trump’s face to elude to commentary on the absurdity of medias obsession of political figures. 

Her sculpts of faces display how each of us is unique in our appearance and facial expressions. Her sculpts exercise to derive humor from these unique aspects of ourselves as humans.  Maria’s art, in all of its forms, strives to represent human comedy in its truest form constituting our tendencies to take things too seriously while encouraging us to sit back, relax and allow our imagination to explore our collective humor. 

By creating this series of works Marie emphasizes the idea that all politicians are just puppets playing a role in this grand drama, being controlled by the lobbyist and people behind the scenes. The media turning away from the impartial attitude of before and leaning toward sets of ideology turning this drama into more of a comedy.

Sources: https://www.marieserruya.com/magic-trump-dp

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