The Colorful and Dreamy Art of Nalta – Suburbs Gallery Highlight

The Colorful and Dreamy Art of Nalta – Suburbs Gallery Highlight

We are delighted to present the extraordinary talent of Nalta, a visionary visual artist based in Indonesia. Nalta’s artistic journey has been marked by a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Asia, with a particular focus on Nusantara. With a profound understanding and reverence for Asian ornamentation, Nalta creates captivating artworks that pay homage to the diverse ethnic traditions of the region.

We are honored to showcase Nalta’s captivating artworks at Suburbs Gallery, where his pieces transport us into a world of intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and evocative symbolism. Nalta’s work caught our eye from the open call thread on Twitter. It wasn’t an easy choice. We are seeing amazing art being shared every day. Please keep on sharing your work with us, we love to see it. – Dominique from Suburbs Gallery

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