The spiritual nature of design, a look at Alcarol

The spiritual nature of design, a look at Alcarol

Andrea Forti & Eleonora Dal Farra, an experimental design duo founded alcarol as a vessel to bring their creations to life. Together they set out to meld avant-garde modern styles with raw materials. In classical mythology, the Latin term Genius Loci refers to a protective spirit attached to a place, a guardian who watches over its part of the world and imbues it with a special character. In a modern context, alcarol seeks to identify the spirit and the essence of a place to obtain an extraordinary understanding. With alcarol based between the Venice Lagoon and the nearby Dolomite Unesco World Heritage mountains, they have been able to draw great inspiration from the area and transfer its beautiful landscape into physical design pieces fo your home. Using clean lines and transparent material alcarol is able to keep the natural materials just as they were in nature while encased in a lovely piece of design.

“The subsequent sectioning of the physical substances allows for an appreciation of their intimate and profound natures; introducing the fundamental idea of environmental cross-section.

The section planes – through touch, sight and olfaction of different materials – allow us to transcend the ordinary perception of a place.”


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