Mini Ecosystems for clean air, illustrations By Kit Layfield

A new way to breathe fresh air, illustrations by Kit Layfield 

In today’s landscape of consistent fear of COVID-19 and no end in sight to the madness. One artist is creating inspiring works of art by reimagining mask into mini-ecosystems for your personal source of fresh air. Philadelphia based illustrator Kit Layfield began posting these mask themed illustrations back in May featuring his traditional linework style and unique color palette. Each work is first posted as a black and white version before Layfield posted the finished colored version in three different color variants.

These masks look like something to come out of a futuristic sci-fi movie or in a dystopian world where all of nature has been destroyed and we have no other option for fresh air. Each mask has an ecosystem of some kind that’s incased and mounted around the neck of the wearer with a breathing apparatus that is strapped on to cover the mouth and nose. While some mask appears lightweight and easy to wear, others are so impractical with whole trees and plants obstructing the wearer’s view. No matter how cool they may look on paper I think we can all say we are glad the most cumbersome mask we have to wear out is made of a thin piece of cloth. 

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