Interview with Murat Yıldırım

Interview with Murat Yıldırım

Today we sit down and chat with digital artist and art director Murat Yıldırım to discuss what inspires him, his creative process, and how he got into art.


What’s your name and your Instagram tag?

My name is Murat Yıldırım, my Instagram tag is @muartive


If you could describe your art in just one sentence what would you say?

As Tarkovski says; my art is like a written letter to the darkness. Because only those who can see with their feelings can read the letter. In my works, I aim to be a mirror for people. Producing emotional works excites me. Therefore, I try to produce everything I do by concentrating on my own innerity.

What’s your first memory with art?

The first thing I remember about art in fact, I started this job when I was so children. My grandma used to paint and that is a big factor why I have started classical painting and after all my progress.


When did you start making digital art and why? Did you go to school for it?

I didn’t go to school for digital art. I just read the fine arts faculty painting department. Since modern art became digital after the school ended, I transferred all my art and drawing knowledge to digital art. I have been dealing with digital art for about 10 years.

Do you make art full time or is it a side job?

I am currently an art director in an advertising agency. Actually, I would like to use all my time to produce art, but for now my conditions are not mature yet. The only thing I know is that while I am passionate about producing art.


What are some hobbies you have outside of making art?

I love camping and trekking outside of art.


Do you listen to music while working and if so what would your playlist be like?

I listen to music all day, not just while working. I listen to ambience music while working because I feel it rest my soul. I generally love the sounds that make me feel cold and calm.


How do you get into a creative mood?

Firstly, I keep thinking without any action for several hours in a quiet atmosphere. I like it to be with calm music. The bluer I feel, the more creative and productive I turn out to be. Traditionally, I start with a sketch on paper and then I convert it to the digital.


Do you ever have creative blocks and how do you overcome them?

Yes, most of the time I get distracted while I work. I try to relax my head for a while. I’m interested in other things. Sometimes when I realize that I cannot continue, I quit my job and continue the next day. I absolutely finish without giving up.


Could you tell us what inspired some of your different series or works? Such as furry artworks and your leftover series.

I was aware of this before I made the Furry Artworks series. It has been reproduced for centuries and I thought, if I do, how should I do it? I was aiming to do something unique in the world. I believe I succeeded because this business has made a lot of noise in the world. The Leftovers series was a job that I completely reflect myself in terms of color and feel. I feel amazing when using cool and pastel shades. As a matter of fact, the Leftovers series was like a letter I wrote in the darkness again It contained anxiety and a message that everyone could find, but I don’t think too many people still understand. I am aware that people interpret only what they see. Only people who can take a stroll in their inner world can read the text underlying these arts.


Do you have any upcoming projects we should be excited about?

After reaching too many audiences with the Furry Artworks series, I was in a dilemma. Should I continue doing furry work this way? Or should I continue with the pictorial compositions I created using my imagination? At the end of the day, I thought I would be unfair if I continued furry. Because furry works have no artistic value. What drove me to this area was the desire of the new in my heart. But after a few months, I can make furry art series again. Apart from these, I currently have an animation video project that I am passionate about. Again, I plan to do it in a way that brings freedom to the soul of the people. You can feel it in my last Dead Air video.

If you could give advice to younger artists what would it be?

My advice to young people who are new to art, if you can feel it passionately and as part of your life, you can always go up the stairs. I recommend that they never produce without despair. Whatever they’re doing, I just wish them to keep doing it. I want them to find their own muse. I wish them to do things that make them feel good while doing it. It’s not a bad thing to be inspired by an artist. Art is for art and art will always give birth to itself. Now everything is done, imitation is inevitable. But what makes these imitations unique is their signature. They will draw their own way by getting rid of the works they produce inspired over time. I believe this and invite everyone to be part of the art!

Artist Instagram: @muartive

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