A trip to the countryside, a look at photographer James Perolls

A trip to the countryside, a look at photographer James Perolls

When I view these photos I don’t just feel like I’m viewing an image but I feel like I’m there. That is the magic of London Based photographer James Perolls. While he used to work as a pricing strategist, James would often take photos in his spare time of friends and family. However, this hobby soon took over and became a career for Perolls. Believe it or not, Perolls is completely self-taught and has even worked for brands like i-D, Dazed, and Urban Outfitters to name a few.

I think James for getting out of the office and behind a camera as the world needs more artists like him that possess a natural-born talent for knowing a good shot when he takes one. The most potent aspect of his photos is the way the camera disappears it doesn’t feel like a photo it feels like you are there yourself. You are within the beautiful countryside of London alongside the other eccentrically dressed young adults. A big factor in James’ ability to draw you in is his hands-on approach and attention to fine detail. Working hands-on with the models he digs deep into their individual personalities allowing him to draw out the exact emotions needed for each shoot. 

Sources:  The artist website

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Images  © James Perolls