Poetic paintings depicting the pressures of domestic life, a look at Chidinma Nnoli

Poetic paintings depicting the pressures of domestic life, a look at Chidinma Nnoli

22-year-old Nigerian artist Chidinma Nnoli uses acrylic and oil-based paints to create surreal and often poetic pieces that reflect the incredibly ingrained pressures enforced upon women by a patriarchal societal framework. 

Chidinma exhibits a constant struggle for safe space by creating a pastel, cloudy environment with elements of tranquility like flowers, comfortable sofas, and indiscernible artworks. These constituents create a cozy, homelike feeling that is juxtaposed by the people in these paintings, their facial expressions and positioning create an underlining tension a feeling of some deeper meaning. Chidinma dives deeper into this concept in this quote,  “spaces that are supposed to be safe yet it’s toxic and they somehow can’t get out… I try to create a safe environment using flowers, a space that is almost dreamlike, a utopia where they can heal, even if it’s only happening in their heads (until) they find their own safe space.” ( Via thisiscolossal.com)

Chidinma demonstrates true artistic prowess with her uniquely distinctive art style. One that draws you in, not only do you observe delicately placed brushstrokes that come together to create a deliberate piece that packs a fabulously colorful punch, but you can also expect to observe a story of women’s search for peace among a world of constant demand.

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Images  © Chidinma Nnoli

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