Illustration artist Geffen Refaeli draws one doodle each day

Illustration artist Geffen Refaeli draws one doodle each day

Geffen Refaeli presents dailydoodlegram, an artistic endeavor in which Refaeli created one doodle each day. Beginning a little over 6 years ago Geffen an Israel-born illustrator would do little drawings of her friends she would see on her Instagram feed and then posted them onto her own page. Her illustrations before these doodles always had darker themes to them as well as contained more complexities and colors. 

When creating a doodle a day you don’t have time to overthink the process and be bogged down with detail and color. Each doodle remains black and white and also very minimal. The main aspect these drawings don’t lose is their surrealism, their playfulness, and oftentimes dark and meaningful themes. While each work is inspired by images on her Instagram feed these doodles are not a copy of the original image. Often the images she comes across will resonate with Geffen on an emotional level connecting to some type of emotion she perhaps had been feeling at the time. 

The purpose of this project is to disassemble and rebuild these images. Using the doodles as a sort of visual diary that documents her life experiences over the years since she started the series. At the same time, she is building a new story along the path. While Geffen still makes art it appears she does not post one new doodle each day, but you can still view these old works on her website here.

Source: The artist’s website here.

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Images © Geffen Rafaeli

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