Hauntingly beautiful photography, a look at Kyle Thompson

Hauntingly beautiful photography, a look at Kyle Thompson

Chicago native Kyle Thompson began to take photos at age nineteen. He would drive a few hours out of town to various abandoned houses and empty wooded areas. Thompson began to take self-portraits as he didn’t know who else he would take photos of. Doing so has actually helped Kyle work more quickly as he does not have to wait on others or have to try and explain his vision to models. While self-portraits take up the morality of his portfolio he does work with other models from time to time.

Kyle’s photos are hauntingly beautiful with each image full of mystery and intrigue. For the artist these images are not part of a storyline, they have no narrative. Each work is a moment in time that has been captured by Thompson and put an endless loop for our viewing pleasure. This is what draws one into his images. Their ambiguity allows one to forever search with there eyes through the images to look for some form of a story to tell us why the subject has ended up in this location. 

Source: kylethompsonphotography.com

Artist Instagram: @kylejthompson

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