Somber digital paintings, a look at Wahyu Kusmawan

Somber digital paintings, a look at Wahyu Kusmawan

Born and raised in Bogor, Indonesia artist Wahyu Kusmawan also known as ‘Bebe’ began painting at age 17 and from there, his passion grew. Wahyu would often paint women with there faces hidden. He would take these works on canvas and paint them onto the streets as well. And has since moved into creating digital paintings which are the works of his that introduced me to his art. His works are beautifully done and perfectly make use of the digital medium. Often using a subdued color palette and moody subjects his work are somber yet joyful. Wahyu placing joyful birds, colorful flowers, and other types of animals into the images as well. 

The first work to catch my eye was the one below of a man writing in a book while on an isolated island with fish swimming in the air around him. The work is titled “Imagination” and for me, I thought of what if the odd setting the man is in is what he is writing in his book, his ideas coming to life for us to view. Another image that sparked a lot of intrigue for me was the stunning image of the woman lighting up a cigarette while standing up to her chest in water. You also see an ominous shark swimming toward the subject while a beautiful pink bird is perched on the woman’s shoulder. This image has to be my favorite as it makes me think of a 1950’s noir film, maybe even one that takes place on a mysterious island. So while I go off and make up some crazy story to go along with this art how about you scroll down for yourself and see what your imagination can conceive.




Artist Instagram: @bebewahyu

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