Programming Portraits, a look at Dimitris Ladopoulos

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Programming Portraits, a look at Dimitris Ladopoulos

Paintings and classical portraits in particular use many shades of the same color to achieve perfect transitions between facial features and clothing. Digital artist and art director, Dimitris Ladopoulos, is using 3D modeling software to showcase these little color differences in a beautiful and interesting manner. Dimitris grew interested in the process called ‘Treemapping’ then created his own algorithm in the program Houdini to create these works of art.

I will try and explain the way it works as simple as I can. The program scans the image and gathers information and then divides that information based on controls set by the artist. This then takes the colors and divides them into squares. The more information (colors) found in the painting the smaller the squares.

From what seems like a complicated process, the outcome is something very simple and innovative. It’s breaking down these gorgeous paintings in a way that allows the viewer to not only see it in a new light but to easier analyze the complexities of the colors used by these painters.


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