Cloud artworks by Dovneon David Stenbeck Myartisreal Magazine

Head in the Clouds, a look at David Stenbeck (Dovneon)

Words By Jacob Johnson | Art By Dovneon

Sunsets, clouds, and pink hues this is what people can’t stop sharing on Instagram. It is the digital artworks By artist David Stenbeck who is also known as Dovneon. Stenbecks has been posting original artworks on his IG page since 2014 but only started to post these stunning cloud works in March of 2019. These works have grossed David over ninety thousand followers and most of them are ready to share his art as soon as they are posted.

Most of the images consist of one cloud alone floating above the sea with a pink sunset in the back. Along with a strange pink line of light that sometimes goes around or through these clouds. These artworks are minimal in design and content but the mood they create is what gives them so much attention and praise. I’m one to tend to get different feelings and moods from images and Stenbecks work is one that always makes me calm. The works pink colors and sunset lighting creates a nice relaxed afternoon feeling of walking the beaches in the afternoon.