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First, we would like to welcome everyone to our new series of blog post titled “Art Discover.” In this series, we will be showcasing a new artist each day. Hoping to help you discover new talent and be inspired by there works. As well as throw some of our thoughts in the mix. Enjoy!

Bruno Pontiroli is a French contemporary artist who is living in his own world in the clouds. He has been creating art his whole life. When he decided to spend more time on art he wanted to improve his skills. He would attend as many open workshops as he could. These workshops helped with drawing but painting he taught himself with books and many mistakes. He saw his mistakes as ways to improve instead of seeing them as negatives.

Bruno’s paintings are realistic depictions of unrealistic scenes. While some of his paintings are dark and disturbing some are fun and playful. But at the same time, he continues to keep the same tone throughout his body of works. This world and his works he has created out of his dreamlike visions. In this world, everything is alive, from clouds to snowmen. It feels much like an adult version of the children’s cartoon adventure time.

Most would label his work as surrealism, but Pontiroli does not like to label it. As his work has no boundaries. His work is pushing the boundaries, boundaries of reality, and of beauty in art. Pontiroli does not like for viewers to accept his interpretation of his art as the only interpretation. But rather find what the works mean to them as an individual, and his work more than allows you that opportunity. Maybe the world was created by a nuclear war leaving behind this insane world we have before us, but that’s just my opinion.

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Sources: widewalls x Bruno Pontiroli

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