Homes vs Nature, a look at Gohar Dashti

Homes vs Nature, a look at Gohar Dashti

Nature has and always will be here, even after us humans are gone. Photographer Gohar Dashti shows this in her series of photos titled “Home.” In these works, she depicts multiple homes now overgrown and covered by nature long after the former inhabitants have left. These houses located in Iran were once lived in but have since become vacant due to political reasons.

Now enter Dashti and her camera, she begins by setting the scene. Now many of these homes have become overgrown but most are not to the extent of how they are in the images. That’s because Dashti has staged these homes to appear more overgrown, mostly for aesthetic reasons. The message, however, is still the same. Nature conquers, even when humans take over and build after they have left nature reclaims for itself.

“My recent work is not only a personal exploration of nature but is also about how nature can be political. What happens to the environment when human populations are displaced or destroyed by war? People are transient while nature is a constant; it will be here long after we are all gone.” – Gohar Dashti


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