Matteo Mauro – Art Submission

Matteo Mauro Art Submission

Matteo Mauro, London based artist and designer. He observes and explores the world through the eyes of an artist, seeking new, fresh solutions, as well as the old, in this infinite mediation between reality and dreams, which we call art. His drawing and creative techniques mix analogical and digital tools to generate artworks of a distinctly contemporary sensibility.

‘En-Plein Air’ inscriptions are artistic interventions, by the artist Matteo Mauro, based on well-known Impressionist paintings, which algorithmically are added of new possibilities. The 19th-century Impressionist painters re-imagined nature and captured their feelings into artworks characterized by small, thin, visible brush strokes. The consequence was to emphasize the artists’ perception, rather than a detailed reality. Movement and impermanence were elevated as crucial elements of human sensitivity and visual experience. In the ‘En-Plein Air’ inscriptions, Matteo Mauro sees the possibility of opening up a dialogue between Impressionism and current technologies. The painting process begins with an analysis and understanding of the impressionist’s vision and painting methods. Thus, the historical source is not erased but becomes a fundamental part of the new creation. The Impressionist’s strokes are sometimes celebrated and kept, others transformed into a new abstract language, which formally raises or erodes the layers of 19th-century paint. The constant growth of new and old strokes gives the painterly illusion of movement and spontaneity.

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