Intimacy in the Reflection a look at Ziqian Liu

Self Taught Photographer Ziqian Liu is using photography to record her life and express her self to the world around her. After ending a relationship, she felt the need to transfer her negative energy into something positive and that’s where photography came in.

Liu’s photos have gained her over fifty thousand followers and for good reason. At first view, you notice the gorgeous composition and lighting style. As you journey further down her page you start to become more aware of the intimacy within each work. Each image feels personal to the artist as she uses the images to open up to the world.

Most of her photos contain the use of a mirror and some type of flower. She might use the mirror to hide her face while reflecting a flower, or she might use the mirror to get a different angle for the main composition while showing focus on her eyes or lips. While she does not consider herself a professional photographer, her style feels fully formed and unique to what we normally encounter on Instagram.

‘It is easy to know that take pictures from different angles could get different kinds of great images,they are all good works,which is same to our life,through photography I truly realize that there are so many ways to get our destination,one doesn’t work we can change another, stop focus on one issue think about it from the other point of view is the biggest change to me.’‘ – Ziqian Liu

Artist Links: @ziqianqian

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Sources: Interview on crosswalksmag