Born in 1994, Jake Guerra aka ‘Famo’ is a Texas-born artist that currently resides in the southern parts of Texas. Recently graduating with his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in 2018, Famo is constantly on the search for new ways to experiment with his work while he searches for the answer of what makes oneself a true artist. Through most of college, Famo was interested in more graphic design than anything else, this led him to start screen printing which then turned him towards acrylic painting, which is the main medium he is using till this day. Thus, leaving him with plenty of knowledge in many different creative fields. On any day, you can catch Famo grabbing a black iced coffee at his favorite Starbucks while pondering the existence of art and writing third-person biographies of himself.

Editor in Chief

Growing up in the middle of Georgia just below Atlanta. Jacob was not overly into art until he saw the Banksy film “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” After watching this film on Netflix he became very interested in Urban Art and would spend his free time browsing the internet soaking up new art. Until one day he randomly decided to share his new discoveries on Instagram. And as his followers grew so did his goals. Now he spends his days discovering new artist and helping them reach new collectors and fans.