Psychological-inspired artworks by Mark Constantine Inducil – Suburbs Gallery Highlight

Psychological-inspired artworks by Mark Constantine Inducil – Suburbs Gallery Highlight

Mark Constantine Inducil, Suburbs Gallery’s Highlight Number 14, is a distinguished Filipino-Australian digital artist from Melbourne, Australia. With a creative journey spanning over two decades, Mark has demonstrated his expertise in various fields, including graphic design, cinematography, and motion design.

Immersing himself in the realm of digital art, Mark crafts intricate, psychological-inspired pieces characterized by their atmospheric textures. His work often delves into the surreal, drawing from personal experiences and emotions to fashion dreamlike portraits and landscapes that resonate profoundly.

Mark’s artistic vision draws from his passion for film, specifically cinematography. Guided by his keen interest in psychology and philosophy, he unearths personal narratives that he translates into his creations. His artworks have graced exhibitions in prominent cities around the globe, from Melbourne and Beijing to Montréal, New York, Miami, Bangkok, Moscow, and Paris. Mark Constantine Inducil’s distinct fusion of technical prowess and emotional depth makes his art a compelling exploration of the human experience.

Mark’s art is a testament to the power of intertwining personal stories with a visual medium, inviting viewers to embark on a contemplative journey through the intricate layers of his creations.

Highlight Number 14 at Suburbs Gallery, Mark Constantine Inducil is an artist who seamlessly bridges experiences and emotions through digital art. We’re thrilled to have MCI as a part of our “ORIGIN” show. Stay tuned for his remarkable artwork unveiling soon! – Baku from Suburbs Gallery

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