Cover Artwork Created by McMonster

“CampFire Stories” a Myartisreal Exhibition

“CampFire Stories” a Myartisreal Exhibition

I’m happy to showcase my latest exhibition titled “Campfire stories.” Growing up me and my family would go to the mountains each year to camp and I have many great memories around a campfire. As I have grown storytelling has become what drives me to be creative. My obsession with movies, art, and video games all comes from the desire to hear stories and my curation is an outline for me to tell my own stories. 

Each artwork has a story either one attached to it by the artists or one created in the mind of the viewer. For this exhibition, I pick specific artists that I feel naturally tell stories when creating and I want you the viewer to take the time and gather around this campfire and take in these stories and maybe share one of your own.

You can view the entire exhibition on our gallery site here and if you have any questions about purchasing works please contact me at

“Stargazer” Original Painting By Maldha Mohamed (Purchase here)



“BURN” Original Painting By Baku & McMonster (Purchase Here)

“Tree” Original Painting By Juliano Mazzuchini (Purchase Here)

“Insomnia” Original Painting By Miloš llič (Purchase Here)

“Oval Portrait” Original Painting By Zach Mendoza (Purchase Here)

“Under Pressure” Original Drawing By Adam Riches (Purchase Here)

“Task” Original Painting By Mark Gleason (Purchase Here)

“Ligamen I” Original Drawing By Nicolás Menay (Purchase Here)

“Walter” Original Painting By Jean-Luc Almond (Purchase Here)

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Cover Artwork Created by McMonster.