Images © Ellen Akimoto

The fractured world Ellen Akimoto paints to life

Ellen Akimoto creates a fractured world within her paintings with depictions of everyday life that are altered to offer up something more surreal

Germany-based artist Ellen Akimoto presents us with a fractured world within her art. The figurative and surreal paintings depict humans and animals in beautifully colorful and weird settings. In one painting we see a woman walking past a window and her body glitches in various sections like a scratched DVD. In another work, we see a person’s face melting in with the paintings hanging on the wall behind them.

“My goal is to make images that do not offer a consistent, unified world, but rather one that is complicated by contradictions and allusions to other possibilities,” she explains. “An image that irritates by breaking with our expectations can hold us in a state of ambivalence, accompanied by a sense of uncanniness or ‘wrongness’, which, at its best, suggests the reorderability of our ways of perceiving. It’s this uncanny feeling that I try to get to in every image.” – Ellen Akimoto (Found via Booooooom)

You can view more works by Ellen here on Instagram.

Images © Ellen Akimoto

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