Images © Jason Chen

Creating New Moments in Time with Photography by Jason Chen

Jason Chen is Creating New Moments in Time

Born in China and now based in Phalidpia photographer Jason Chen blends portraits together to find new moments in time. Initially known for making dry plate tintypes of images Chen moved on to create more nuanced works well over five years ago. This new style Chen discovered which is closer to collage work, was to take multiple photos of the same subject and splice them into each other to be viewed as one image.

These images when viewed far away appear as a more traditional portrait but it’s when you get close that you start to see the differences. Sometimes multiple eyes and very different head positions make these images appear more elaborate and fun and sometimes even haunting. Each work creates a new moment in time that never existed and will stay frozen for our viewing. The process also allows the work to break out of the box and take images that once might seem basic and elevate them to a new level of beauty and grant future insight into the subject’s possible state of mind. You can view more of his work below and on his Instagram page.

Images © Jason Chen
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