Images © Mattia Balsamini

Mattia Balsamini photographs Alexander Gerst while he prepared for his mission to the International Space Station

Mattia Balsamini photographs astronaut Alexander Gerst

Recently commissions by GEO magazine photographer Mattia Balsamini photographed Alexander Gerst while he prepared for Expedition 57, the first mission to the International Space Station led by a German astronaut. For a year Balsamini followed Gerst around the world and showcased the behind-the-scenes of what one must go through to prepare for such a mission. Not only do we see the work that he puts in physically to prepare but also mentally. Mattia captures the subject in such intimate moments of dedication and does so with a cinematic feel. 

You can view the entire series of photos on Mattia’s website here, and follow him on Instagram here.

Images © Mattia Balsamini

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