Images © Maximilian Virgili

Maximilian Virgili expresses his love for Italy through photography

Maximilian Virgili expresses his love for Italy through photography

Berlin-based photographer Maximilian Virgili shows his love for Italy through his photos of travel. Recently being able to venture back to Sicily after almost two years Virgili was ready to absorb the land and culture like never before.

With his dad being from Italy Maximilian always felt he had a connection to the country. He expressed his deep love for the country in the following statement to Ignant in 2018. “I admire pretty much everything about the culture and lifestyle of Italians – their temper and directness, their kindness and openness, old people’s dress-code, obviously the food, the wine, the espresso which tastes like heaven, no matter where you drink it. Everything seems to have class.” 

Below we have curated some of our favorite images Virgili took in Italy during his most recent and previous trip. The artist’s current project is a book titled “Out of office” which is a collection of photos from his travels from the last years. You can find more out on his website here.

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Images © Maximilian Virgili


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