Images © Emma Black

Becoming one with nature in these surreal paintings by Emma Black

Becoming one with nature, a look at Emma Black

Emma Black is a visual artist whose work has caught my attention in the last week. The works are dark, beautiful, and provide a feeling of calmness within the surreal chaos. Based in rural England Emma works primarily with oil on wood for her paintings while most of her illustration works are either done digitally or done with graphite. 

Some often wonder if death is inevitable or something that could be either avoided or greatly pushed back. Emma sets out to tackle this topic with her work and does so quite well. We see the human figures being overtaken by plant life, and it’s this merging with nature and other inanimate objects that allows the subjects to avoid death by transferring to a new form of existence.

“Caught between life and death, figures discover instead a way to transform into new beings; the non-living object merges with the living, forming a sensory coexistence. Their anatomy changes and nature embraces them, they claim new adornments and identities seeking not to be afraid of their differences, owning and embracing both their strength and fragility.” – Emma Black (Via the artist website)

You can view a selection of works below or visit Black’s Instagram here.

Visit the artist website here.

Images © Emma Black

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