A cyberpunk future through the eyes of Dangiuz 

A cyberpunk future depicted by Dangiuz 

For me, Dangiuz’s work is like peering into a portal that leads to the future. Leopoldo D’Angelo, known professionally as Dangiuz is a visual artist whose works depict a cyberpunk, and blade runner-inspired reality. We see cityscapes full of tall skyscrapers, neon lights, flying cars, and an ever-complex set of crossing powerlines and bridges in these digital works.

Dangiuz creates his works using a multitude of programs. Cinema 4D and Octane Render are used for modeling and design while photoshop and aftereffects are used for post-production like adjusting colors and hues. In creating, there is no rushing, beginning as sketches and slowing moving from one step to the other, making sure each piece of the work is done right. “I’m very slow, accurate and meticulous when it comes to this process, and then there is a crucial moment when I get hit by a “stroke of genius” and boom, the piece is now “on the other side.” Dangiuz told allships.co in an interview.

This attention to detail sure pays off when you are looking at the final image. Each one so rich with detail, almost like you could reach out and feel the cold air and rain falling onto the city. As beautiful as the images are there is an underlying sadness. We love to fantasize about the future and what it could be but what if the future is a reality full of overpopulated cities? In one image we see a nod to Geroge Orwell’s book “1984” in the forum of a screen in the city displaying an image of a mustached man with the words “Big Brother is watching you.” These works make the viewer wonder if such great innovation is still to come for our future and what evils these great inventions will yield.

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Sources:  The artist website and allships.co

Images © Leopoldo D’Angelo / Dangiuz

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