Images © Martine Johanna

The impactful and colorful paintings by Martine Johanna

Impactful and colorful painting by Martine Johanna

Martine Johanna explores the nuances of navigating a patriarchal society with the pressures of societal norms. The figurative paintings of female subjects are juxtaposed with abstract elements blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Johanna’s process of blending fantasy with reality begins in the earily stages of her works. The painting technique used consists of small strokes of unmixed colors of paint, this process gives the far away look for a realistic portrait but when up close the work becomes more abstract with its array of intense colors. 

Martine’s paintings carry a weight to them with the subjects presented appearing to be in the midst of deep thought or conflict. While we are able to gather pieces of the story the full history behind each character will never be fully understood. Johanna’s most recent exhibition titled “The Dark House of Gloria” is currently on display at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Fransico. Below you can view select works from the show as well as previous works by Johanna.


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Images © Martine Johanna