From athlete to an artist, a look at BGW and his journey to art

From athlete to an artist, a look at BGW and his journey to art

The swiss-based french-born artist known as BGW has an origin story unlike many. Financial markets trader, surfer, skater, family man, were a few of the many titles BGW held for many years before his life-defining accident. After the accident that ultimately left him quadriplegic  BGW no longer skates, surfs, or works in the financial market. However, he has gained a new title, artist, a title he never thought he would identify with. “I have never been interested in Art, Museum was boring, Painting was useless… I was only focused on Skateboarding and Surfing.”

His accident took so many things away but at the same time gave him one of the best gifts, time. Time to explore creative avenues, time to explore a dormant, undiscovered talent of painting. “Before my accident, I have never had enough time” 

BGW’s painting style is unique in the way that it is done mostly in acrylic applied with a palette knife instead of the common brush. His preferred vessel for his paintings is plexiglass or canvas. BGW’s paintings are expressive, an outlet for his emotions. “I needed to express my own emotions through painting, I couldn’t really explain why, but without any knowledge of drawing or painting I have started just for my pleasure.” 

BGW’s work tells a story of struggle and overall perseverance one that brings the viewer a sense of beauty and raw talent. A  display in the true art of the innate human need to create in spite of seemingly never-ending strife. 

You can view BGW’s art in person in Barcelona on May 2nd through the 7th 2021 at the gallery Valid World Hall. You will also be able to view his works at the Swiss Art expo on the 25th-29th of August 2021.

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Source: The artist website.