Satirical illustrations, a look at Alex Gamsu Jenkins

Satirical illustrations, a look at Alex Gamsu Jenkins

One of my favorite artists I had discovered over quarantine was Alex Gamsu Jenkins. Jenkins is an illustrator and cartoonist from South London. His satirical and lively illustrations have brought not only me but half a million others of his followers so much laughter through this hard time during the pandemic. While some of his works are single frames we also find many made up of multiple frames coming together to complete a story just how a cartoon in a magazine would. The biggest difference is Alex’s often violent and gory humor probably wouldn’t get published in most magazines, well maybe that not so true. He has worked for brands such as The New York Times, Rick and Morty, Adidas, Vice, and so many more. 

Alex’s works are a culmination of his own personal experience and frustrations with life told through a humorous and exaggerated lens. Focusing on modern life and our current technology-driven society. His works are simple, instead of feeling his works with too much over-the-top detail, Jenkins likes to keep things minimal with the focus being on the character’s expressions and the small details of context clues to convey each story. Using gore and humor to tell his stories he is able to reach a wide audience of people who can relate to similar issues and even find connections through his art that might not have been intentional. To view more of these works head over to Jenkins Instagram here.


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