Minimal and Witty paintings by Javier Mayoral (PulpBrother)

Minimal and Witty paintings by Javier Mayoral (PulpBrother)

Javier Mayoral, also known as PulpBrother online, is a self-taught artist who has been flooding the internet with his witty and minimal paintings for the last few years now. Using Instagram where he has amassed over two hundred thousand followers Javier was able to turn his one-time side hobby into a promising carrier. Before his art started bringing in money he would spend the rest of his time working as a chef and before that he worked at an advertising company in Spain. 

PulpBrother’s time working in advertising seems to have influenced his paintings a great deal as they look more like an illustration or poster. His works are simple in compensation, using solid backgrounds, easily identifiable subjects, and then topped off with their own humorous caption painted right onto the work. The captions can be as simple as “Fuck this shit” to go along with an image of a woman smoking a joint or drinking some whiskey, and other times they are the subject’s inner thoughts. My personal favorite is the ones that simply tell you exactly what the person is doing in the painting, for example in the work below that says “Figurative painter Francis Bacon having some eggs and bacon,” so to the point but also so damn funny.

The minimal quality of Javier Mayoral’s (PulpBrother) work is what has lead to his success. For most artists especially painters it’s hard to make enough works to always have content for social media every day, which with today’s algorithms demands a steady flow of content to take full advantage of the platform and grow. First Javier makes his paintings fun, they are easy for anyone to find enjoyable, they also appear almost like a meme in the way they use witty captions of simple images to tell the joke. Secondly, he keeps the paintings small with most of his works being on an 8 x10 inch piece of wood, this small size has made it possible for Mayoral to have produced more than nine thousand paintings of the time of this article. These two aspects of his art have allowed him to soar to the top of the Instagram art culture, and we can’t wait to see what else he can accomplish with such a powerful work ethic.

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All Images © Javier Mayoral