‘Found Fashion,’ a look at the art of Martha Haversham (smallditch)

‘Found Fashion,’ a look at the art of Martha Haversham (smallditch)

For my whole life, I have heard ‘One person’s trash is another person’s treasure,’ does this mean to go into people’s garbage looking for coins? For me, it meant beauty is in the eye of the beholder, something someone else doesn’t want, I might find quite useful. Martha Haversham (@smallditch on Instagram) brings this concept to life in her series of works titled “Found Fashion,” a play on words with fast fashion, found fashion is what you get when you make clothing out of everyday objects found on your desk, on the side of a trail, and well pretty much anywhere you can think. 

Martha is an interdisciplinary artist who was born and raised in London and grew up surrounded by art. Her father, a photographer, and her mother a Ballet Dancer would always encourager her to be creative and expressive. After feeling like she was trapped in an endless loop of work she began to go for walks while on her lunch break and would use this time to tap back into her creative process. She began to discover objects laying on the ground while on these walks and would take these back with her to create her artworks. In the series ‘Found Fashion’ anything can be an article of clothing, cigarette butts become pants, a used face mask a skirt, leaves into dresses, and the list goes on. We invite you to join us in following SmallDitch and experiencing your everyday trash through the eyes of an artist.

“Accordingly, I believe ‘trashion’ as one of my followers termed it; is an art form of today. It literally stops you in the street and puts a massive smile on your face. My collages are merely samples. The actual creativity is illuminating the path back to our imaginative childhood brains, to a playful place I call Smallditch. My job as an artist is to hand you the keys to a stockroom brimming with far superior garments in your head, a constant source of earthly delight. I’m minded to attach a few care instructions; I’ll print off a few labels and call it a manifesto.” – Martha Haversham (via an Interview with Gavin Ambrose of ‘Unseen Sketchbooks’ )

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