Life aboard the Staten Island Ferry with photographer Collin Hughes

Life aboard the Staten Island Ferry with photographer Collin Hughes

The Staten Island Ferry travels between Staten Island and New York City 24 hours a day and is a 25-minute ride. During these 25 minutes, it gives you time to escape the fast passed life of NYC, and unwind. Photographer Collin Huges is documenting this moment in a series titled ‘Home For Now.’

This ongoing series began in 2016 when Collin would take the ferry often. It’s in these peaceful and rides he noticed a familiar feeling within the stillness. “‘Home For Now’ started as a way for me to connect to my childhood, whereby growing up in an isolated community by a lake in Minnesota, being on the water returns me to a calming sense of solitude rarely found in the city,” said Huges on his website about the series. 

In some of these shots we see the old retro seats of the ferry empty, we see couples kissing, people napping, reading papers, and even using a magnifying glass to view their phone. Each passenger is on this ferry for different reasons, some are on the way home, others are headed off to work while some might just be there for the nostalgia and history within the ferry. But Hughes views all these passengers no matter their past or future as one while they are sharing these relaxing and calming 25 minutes.

Source: The artist’s website.

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All images © Collin Hughes