“River House” an abstract Bali home designed by Alexis Dornier

“River House” an abstract Bali home designed by Alexis Dornier

The ‘River house’ designed by architecture firm Alexis Dornier, is located in Perernan, Bali. The home sits at three stories tall and is constructed out of locally sourced materials like reclaimed timber and sandstone that comes from a nearby mine. With the front elevations of the volume being lifted to flow with the surrounding rolling hills where the house sits within the beautiful forest of palm trees and green rice fields. This unique design turns the home into more of an abstract structure than a box with windows. 

The five bedrooms of the home are grouped together that appear to hover above the rest of the living space and partially over the outdoor pool which extends from the home horizontally into the yard. You enter the bottom floor from the yard through a large glass door, the large ceiling to floor windows that make up the walls of the dining room and living room make the transition from outdoors to indoors seamless and natural. The palm trees and other plants around the home not only bring beauty to the landscape but provide privacy for the lower level removing the need for blinds.

Stone is the material of choice for the remainder of the walls which provides not only a sturdy structure but has a gorgeous texture that provides even more depth to the home. On the roof, you will find a patio completed with a rooftop garden. Views from the bedrooms on the upper floors overlook the surrounding trees and frame the beautiful Bali sunset.

Source: Alexis Dornier website.


Photos By Photographer: Annyck Benth · Interior: Chelsea McPhedran · Landscape: Anton Clark · Construction: Bali Construction

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