Faceless Paintings of intimacy, a look at Gideon Rubin

Faceless Paintings of intimacy, a look at Gideon Rubin

Spectral composites of people in intimate settings are the bases of Israeli contemporary artist Gideon Rubin’s latest collection of paintings. These paintings are made up of thickly applied broad strokes of carefully selected paints of dimly muted colors. These subjects are pictured in intimate situations giving the painting a feeling of closeness while providing a peek into the lives of these expressionless beings. These works spark a sense of wonder with their faceless subjects.

The inspiration behind these paintings is unique. Rubin commanders the painted scenes from genuine vintage photographs. Rubin describes why this method of acquiring these references is so gratifying compared to his previous works, in this quote.  “On the one hand, these people had nothing to do with me—unlike my earlier paintings, which were of myself, my family, and my friends; on the other hand, it was as if each of these people were holding a key to a story, a history that I was trying to tap into.” 

Rubin’s ground-breaking painting method allows him to intentionally leave out definition without sacrificing quality and expression. Leaving the observer with a visual experience like no other.

Sources: http://www.gideonrubin.com/

Artist Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gideon_rubin/?hl=en

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