An exclusive modern villa in the south of Portugal

An exclusive modern villa in the south of Portugal

In the south of Portugal near Arraiolos on top of a hill lies a gorgeous five suite villa. It’s an exclusive hotel designed by Jordi Fornells of the company Vora Arquitecature and Rolf Heinemann of Alepo Arquitectura. This villa is the perfect getaway from city life with the surrounding area being full of natural plant life and an old olive orchard. All five suites are located on the first floor each with there very own terrace and private yard creating full privacy from the other guest. The villa is complete with a communal courtyard and pool on the outside of the main living rooms.

All the materials for the home were sourced locally with the primary materials being raw concrete, glass, and marble. The design of the villa takes inspiration from the traditional architecture seen in Arraiolos and elevates it with a more modern contemporary feel. The owners of the hotel took charge of the interior design and have imported pieces from the 1920s and 50s to furnish the rooms. The contemporary soothing design and the gorgeous view will make for quite the getaway to ease the mind.

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Images belong to © Alexander Zakharov, Alexander Gempeler, and Adrià Goula.