ArtFucker creates hilarious yet thought-provoking branded Cigarettes

ArtFucker creates hilarious yet thought-provoking branded Cigarettes 

Now more than ever are the lines blurred between what’s real and what is made up. Every social media platform tracking your every move to learn how to better show you ads. Society tells you that you must think a certain way or buy a certain product to be “cool.” In 2020 with how much social media has been integrated into our everyday lives how are we to know what to believe. One artist trying to expose these lines by highlighting society’s missteps goes by the name ‘ArtFucker.’

Emerging in 2017 from New York City ArtFucker began to push culture forward with there sometimes blunt messages displayed through their often humorous visual collage artworks. Quickly the artist began to grow online and would be shared all over Instagram’s various art pages along with their personal page growing to 97k followers as of October 2020. While they have produced many artworks one series stands out the most as it seems to convey there message in the best way possible. This series was featured in their solo exhibition in New York City titled “The Smoke Show” which featured a range of popular brands turned into cigarette cartons. 

In a statement on their site, this is what ArtFucker had to say about the show. “We have become so destigmatized and trusting towards marketing efforts. Products are sold to us through Instagram ads, focused campaigns, or paid influencers. It’s all so common, we only really learn who is fucking up, or what products are unsafe when companies are exposed. And even then, many times we don’t care.”  Artfucker’s Smoke Show uses recognizable brands and pop culture references to help their viewers visualize how an inappropriate and unsafe product is no longer shocking to consumers.”


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