Beautiful Ballet Photography, a look at Canela

Beautiful Ballet Photography, a look at Canela

Canela’s passion for photography began to cultivate early in life when she would spend her free time studying old photographs for hours. She received a Bachelor’s degree in visual arts from UCSD ( University Of California San Diego) in 2004. While in school she studied night and day in order to pursue her favorite subjects by minoring in painting and photography. 

Her main passion and “lifelong artistic pursuit ” is ballet photography. Her incredibly creative photographs mix ballet and distinctive locations. Some of these locations include monuments, urban cities, and dance studios. Beaches and deserts make recurring appearances in her photographs. Her black and white desert photographs present a haunting yet calming emotional effect too the observer. Her color photographs of dancers and beaches promote a unique contrast between natural landscapes and equally natural dancing ability. 

In her mini autobiography, we can get a sense of what drives her to create these photographs in this quote. “I realized in those early years the power and importance of recording memories for the future”. 

After taking a glance at her exquisite photographs I think we can all agree that her focus on recording moments for future generations to observe. Has been and will continue to be undeniably and wonderfully executed. 


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